• We Have a Winner!

    The Water Closet would like to thank everyone who participated in our $15,000 bathroom makeover giveaway! Watch as Luxury Showroom Specialist Jermaine Bailey draws the lucky winner.

  • Our Winner Gets a Call!

    Watch as our Luxury Showroom Specialist Pat Abbaticchio calls the lucky winner to break the good news. She can hardly believe she’s won!


    Dare to dream of a stylish bathroom that brings the spa to you! Watch this great segment from CityLine featuring host Tracy Moore and Interior Designer Karen Sealy, talking about the latest trends in bathrooms and be inspired when transforming your space. These fabulous featured products (and many more!) are available at The Water Closet. With options to suit everyone’s budget, style and taste, stop by the showroom today or call to set up a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts and transform your bathroom for far less than you think!


    The awareness raised during Earth Week is important to maintain every week of the year! Frank Suppa of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) and Kathryn Holman of The Water Closet Kitchener, give great tips on how to be water wise and help identify water saving products with the "Water Sense" logo and more. With replacing a few key products throughout the home, you can feel good about your contributions during Earth Week and the whole year through!


    Save Water, Save Money! Meet Frank Suppa from the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) and Kathryn Holman from The Water Closet Kitchener. Get the facts of what impact low-flow toilets have on both the environment and your wallet. With new pressure technologies in the toilet rim and bowl, you don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness with these high- efficient toilets while being water wise.


    Can’t stand the pressure? Time to get rid of those old inefficient showerheads and get the latest in shower technology. Watch this quick video to learn about the latest innovations in showering and being water conscious. Kathryn Holman of The Water Closet Kitchener and Frank Suppa of CIPH explain why high-efficiency shower heads make "cents" without compromising water pressure.

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