Frequently Asked Questions


Can I add a heater to my acrylic jetted tub?

Heaters can only be added to jetted tubs that have been UL listed and have the factory installed heater installed next to the discharge tee at the pump/motor. The heater will install in place of the factory installed heater.

Can I re-locate the pump on my jetted tub?

No. The tubs/pumps are certified with the code agencies and the pumps are not to be relocated.

Do I need to use a specific model drain for my acrylic tub?

Some models require specific drains. Please contact the manufacturer’s customer service or your Point of Purchase for further details.

How can I clean the jets on my jetted tub?

Use hot soapy water and a bottle brush.

How can I get a cut out template for my acrylic tub?

Only some odd shaped tubs require a template which should be supplied with the tub. If you have a tub that does require a template prior to installation please call your manufacturer’s customer service.

How can I get scratches out of my acrylic product?

Minor scratches can be buffed out with a good automobile past wax or a mild buffing compound. If the scratches are deeper and require wet sanding we would recommend a professional surface repair agent be called. You can obtain a list of professional surface repair agents from your manufacturer’s customer service.

How can I remove the glue from the labels on the tub?

Peel the label off the best you can. Then rub automobile wax into the glue. Go back over the glue and put the wax on a little thicker. Let stand for a couple of hours then buff off with a soft cloth. You can also use "Goo-Gone tm" or mineral spirits to get them off. Just scrub the area with hot soapy water following the application.

How do I adjust the flow of the jets on my jetted tub?

Various jets adjust from soft to vigorous by rotating them clockwise or counter-clockwise. See operation manual provided with your tub. Adjusting the air volume controls will also help control the flow. Again check with the operation manual provided with your whirlpool bath.

How do I clean the circulation system of my jetted tub?

Once every month the circulating system must be purged and cleaned.

Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Fill whirlpool with warm water and add two teaspoons of powdered automatic dishwasher (not laundry) detergent and one-half cup of household bleach to filled whirlpool.
  2. Activate whirlpool system in accordance with operating instructions and run system for two minutes.
  3. Drain and refill whirlpool with cold water. Circulate for five minutes.
  4. Drain whirlpool completely after step 3 (above) is completed

How should I clean my Acrylic Bathtubs, Whirlpools, and Shower Bases?

For general cleaning of the high gloss acrylic surface on bathtubs, whirlpools, and shower bases, we recommend using a mixture of warm water and a mild liquid dishwashing detergent, Granular Spic and Span mixed with water, or Gel Gloss. DO NOT use undiluted, strong detergents formulated for use on tile or porcelain enamel surfaces, or abrasive cleaning products.

Is the removable apron panel good enough to be used as access for the pump/motor?

No. They must still provide the correct access as shown in the installation instructions. The apron is basically a cover for the front of the tub. It is made removable to provide extra access to other areas.

My acrylic product is chipped / cracked. Can it be repaired?

Yes – you can obtain a list of professional surface repair agents from your manufacture’s customer service. KIT Industries Inc. 1-800-526-3186,, offers an acrylic repair kit that matches most colours.

My jetted tub is plugged in but the switch will not turn the tub on. What can I do?

The air tubing might have been pulled off during installation. Please look under the on/off button to see if there is a BLACK ¼" rubber tube pushed over the nipple in the center of it. Then check to see if it is pushed over the switch in the back of the motor. If it is connected to each end, check the power supply for power. If all of these things are correct, contact your manufacturer with the Model Number, Serial Number and MFG Date.

What are the electrical requirements for a whirlpool?

Sys 1 = Run a dedicated 15 amp G.F.C.I. protected electrical line. If it is equipped with a heater you will need to run a separate dedicated 15amp G.F.C.I. protected line for the heater.

Sys 2 = Run a dedicated 20 amp G.F.C.I. protected electrical line. If it is equipped with a heater you will need to run a separate dedicated 15amp G.F.C.I. protected line for the heater.

What is "bedding material" used for and where can I get it?

Bedding material is the support required under the bottom of the tub and can be found in any building supply store.

Two 90-pound bags of mortar with the sand already mixed in should suffice for any size whirlpool.

What is the "Everclean" system?

EverClean whirlpools are designed to prevent the build-up of mold, mildew and bacteria in the whirlpool system, making them the easiest and most effective way to keep your whirlpool system clean.

EverClean whirlpools incorporate a cutting-edge new material known as Antimicrobial AlphaSan into the internal plumbing of these whirlpool bathtubs. American Standard is the first whirlpool manufacturer to incorporate Antimicrobial AlphaSan into the whirlpool bathtub. AlphaSan is a patented antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that can cause odors and discoloration, deterioration and decay of the whirlpool plumbing.

Antimicrobial AlphaSan is a silver-based antimicrobial agent. Silver is well known to be effective and safe against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms. The purpose of using Antimicrobial AlphaSan in whirlpool plumbing is to inhibit bacteria and bio-film build-up in the plumbing, resulting in a cleaner whirlpool.

Long-lasting Antimicrobial AlphaSan is processed into the whirlpool plumbing components and will protect your whirlpool system, no matter how many whirlpool baths are taken

Can drain openers cause damage to finishes?

In most cases, the finish is safe if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and make sure the drain cleaner isn’t left on the finish for longer than 30 minutes.

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How do I clean my bathroom/kitchen faucet?

Simply rinse the faucet clean with clear water, and dry the faucet with a soft cotton cloth.

If my faucet comes with a putty plate do I have to use putty?

To insure a waterproof connection we recommend you use putty also.

My stopper top has come off and won't screw back on.

Drain stoppers have a left-hand thread, screw it on counter clockwise.

The tailpiece that came with my lavatory faucet is not long enough.

The tail piece that came with most faucets is a standard 4 inches, if you need a longer one you can purchase it at any hardware store.

What are the different mounting options for bathroom faucets?

Standard options for bathroom faucets are centerset, mini-spread and centerhole faucet (with a base plate) all for use with a 3-hole 4" spread sink and widespread faucets for use on 3-hole 8" spread sinks. The centerhole faucet can also be used for single-hole sinks.

What is ceramic disc valving?

Ceramic disc valving is an innovative water control system. Each time you use a ceramic disc faucet, two discs control water flow by gliding back and forth in an airtight seal. The valves are unaffected by temperature extremes, sand, rust or hard water condition.

What is PVD finish?

Physical Vapor Deposition processing, better known as PVD, is a manufacturing technique utilized by American Standard to create a durable, long lasting polished brass faucet finish. The process was originally developed to improve the durability of tools and has even been used on NASA's space shuttles. During an intense, high-tech procedure, the finish forms a permanent bond with the faucet, rather than a simple coating over the faucet body. The result is a brass faucet that provides protection from every day wear, corrosion and scratches - even in coastal climates. Faucets manufactured with PVD processing provide enduring beauty and are backed by American Standard's lifetime warranty.

Where can I find the model number of my faucet?

Many manufactures do not mark the model number on the faucet. Please check on your installation instructions, receipt from place of purchases or you can identify the product on the manufacturer’s web site.

Where can I get repair parts for my faucet?

Contact your manufacture customer service center for assistance.

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Can I mix and match tanks and bowls?

While there are a few models that can interchange tanks and bowls, most are configured to work optimally as a set. In fact, if you do your own mixing and matching, the toilet may not flush at all!

Gravity Fed and Pressure Assisted tanks and bowls cannot be mixed.

A 3.5 gallon per flush tank and 1.6 gallon per flush bowl (and vice versa) will not function together, as the trapway designs are completely different based upon the gallons per flush of the entire unit.

Can I use chlorine pucks or other cleaners in my toilet tank?

Do not put cleaning agents such as chlorine pucks or cleaners in your toilet tank, as this may deteriorate the tank components.

How do 1.6 GPF toilets differ from older model toilets?

Since a 1.6 GPF toilet is designed to flush with less water, you'll notice all the water does not leave the tank upon flushing. You'll also notice the water spot in the bowl is smaller, since less water is needed to operate the toilet efficiently. The toilet will operate optimally if all contents are placed within the water spot of the bowl, and not on the china sides.

The tank is not sitting level and wobbles. Why?

If the tank moves, remove the tank cover and put a level across the top of the tank. Pull the tank down evenly and try to level it out. Using a screwdriver to hold bolts secure, turn the nut with a wrench 1/4 turn left side, then 1/4 turn right side. Do not turn the screwdriver. Go from side to side until tank is secure on the bowl and level.

What does it mean if I hear water running in my toilet?

If your toilet is "running" it may be leaking internally. While a plumbing professional's advice is recommended, if your toilet is leaking internally, you can perform the following test.

Flush the toilet allowing the tank to refill. Make sure the water level in the toilet is approximately 1/2" below the top of the overflow tube. Put a pencil line where the water level is - this is your starting point. Shut off your water supply. Disconnect the rubber hose that goes from the water control to the overflow tube. (The use of a rubber hose varies by water control model; there may not be one.). Wait 24 hours - see how far the water leaks to in the tank.

After this test, reconnect the rubber hose and turn the water supply back on.

If the water level leaks to the seat that the flapper rests on, you may need to replace the flapper. If you feel any nicks on the flapper seat, you may need to replace the flush valve. If the tank empties completely, you may need to replace the flush valve.

What does Dual Flush mean?

Duel flush uses two distinct flushing functions – the normal 1.6gpf for removal of solid waste, and 0.8 gpf (half the normal amount) for removal of liquid waste. Flush actuator is a top mounted button, instead of the normal side mounted trip lever. The button actually consists of two separate valves – the smaller side is for partial flush, the larger side for full flush.

What is the difference between a 10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch toilet rough-in?

In order to determine your rough-in dimension, please measure from the center of your toilet bolt holes to your finished wall. Most toilets are manufactured to accommodate a 12" rough-in model toilet. If, however, you find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough space to install your tank onto your bowl because the wall is in the way, the solution is a 10" rough-in toilet. Alternately, if you feel as if your toilet is sitting in the middle of your bathroom because you have a gaping space between the back of your tank and the wall, a 14" rough-in toilet may be a better choice.

What should I do if my toilet leaks water onto the floor?

If your toilet is dripping from the tank to the floor, make sure the supply tube nut (coupling nut) is tightened and that there are no cracks in the supply tube. If the supply tube nut is tight, and there are no cracks in the tube, this type of leaking may indicate a non-visible crack in the water control, and its replacement is recommended. Water laying on top of the bowl may indicate leaking between the tank and bowl, which may require replacement of the gasket. Before replacing the gasket, be sure the tank and bowl are securely connected together by checking to see if you can move the tank back and forth.

Where can I find the model number of my toilet?

Carefully remove your tank lid, and place it gently on the floor. You'll notice a four-digit number located on the back of the tank, near the water level mark. This is your tank model number. If the number starts with a two, it is a one-piece toilet. If the number starts with a four, it is a two-piece toilet.

Where can I get repair parts for my toilet?

Contact your manufacture, have your model number available when calling.

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Toilet Seats

Can I use any toilet seat on any toilet?

There are industry standards for toilet seats – all toilets have seat post holes on 5 1/2" centers – all elongated bowls are 18 1/2" from seat posts to front of rim, and all round bowls are 16 1/2". Any manufacturer’s seats will fit any toilet manufacturers bowls if they are standard round or standard elongated. If a manufacturer makes a bowl with different dimensions, then they must provide a special seat – this is known as a proprietary seat.

How do I know if my toilet seat is round front or elongated?

To determine if your toilet is round front or elongated, measure the distance between the center of the bolt holes(A) (which connect the seat to the bowl) out to the front rim of the toilet(B). If it measures approximately 16 1/2" your toilet is a round front. If it measures approximately 18 1/2", it is an elongated model. You'll need this information when replacing your toilet seat.

What cleaners do I use to clean my Toilet Seat?

When cleaning your toilet seat, wash it only with mild, soapy water; rinse the seat thoroughly with clear water; and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid detergents, disinfectants, or cleaning products in aerosol cans. NEVER use abrasive scouring powders on your seat. Some bathroom chemicals and cosmetics may damage your seat's finish.

What is a "Slow Close" toilet seat?

The seat hinges are modified so the seat cover gradually closes without slamming.

What’s an Actuator Button?

The Actuator Button is located on the side of the tank or in the centre of the tank cover. The lever or button is depressed to activate the flushing cycle.

Do low consumption toilets flush as well as older toilets?

There are high performance toilets that actually outperform many of the old water guzzlers. Some use just 1.6 or 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

How can I figure out the savings I can gain from a low consumption toilet?

American Standard provides a handy calculator at Try it out and see how much you’ll save!
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Shower Valves

How do I determine what valve I need when building a shower system?

For maximum safety and comfort it is best to use a thermostatic temperature control valve. A high output thermostatic valve will not only give the needed flow, but more importantly - it will control and maintain the temperature. The capacity of the valve (GPM output) must be able to handle greater or equal value to the sum of your chosen components. This is why you added the total capacity needed for your components above. Choose your thermostatic valve based on the amount of water it can handle.

After turning off my shower, water keeps dripping from the showerhead for a minute or so. Is something wrong?

Nothing’s wrong with your faucet. The showerhead is just emptying its reservoir of water.
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