About The Water Closet

Our Roots

The Water Closet is a division of Desco Plumbing and Heating Supply - a plumbing, heating, air conditioning and waterworks systems distributor & wholesaler. Desco has a total of 16 outlets providing products and services to thousands of industry professionals in southern Ontario. Desco officially launched its first The Water Closet concept store in Ontario in 1998.

Desco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Groupe Deschenes Inc. a privately owned company headquartered in Montreal with 8 operative centres and over 90 outlets across Canada. GDI is one of the largest plumbing and heating supply distributor-wholesalers in Canada.


  • Iris Doradea
    Showroom Representative

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    Having worked in the plumbing and interior design industry for over 14 years, Iris's knowledge is quite profound giving her the ability to educate her clients making them feel very comfortable about the product selections they make. Paying high attention to detail and her clients' needs and wants, Iris is able to help them create the bathroom of their dreams. Like a tranquil water fountain, Iris creates a calm and inviting atmosphere for her clients and eases the stress renovations can cause.

  • Kathryn Holman

    519-743-6827 x1230
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    Kathryn has worked with the public her entire adult life and has vast plumbing knowledge. A long-term member of our team, Kathryn likes her customers to know that they are in capable hands when she is serving them. With a keen eye for design lines that incorporate form and function, Kathryn is an excellent guide in anyone's renovation journey. When asked how she relates to "The Flow of Life" Kathryn sees herself as "a powerful river that becomes a captivating waterfall."

  • Anne Jamieson

    519-743-6827 x1231
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    Anne has a long history in the luxury showroom field having developed two successful plumbing showrooms before she came to The Water Closet. Anne takes great pleasure in helping her customers with their selection process. She finds it gratifying to know she has helped ease their stress during this exciting yet often frustrating process! Anne is not faint of heart when it comes to home renovations either, recalling her own renovation of gutting her basement and re-doing it top to bottom. Water? Anne thinks of herself more like a tranquil water fountain. She likens herself to a calming environment that makes others feel relaxed and stress free.


  • Jermaine Bailey

    416-213-1580 x1139
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    Jermaine really enjoys his work, meeting people and dealing with the many different customers he interacts with daily. Working with diverse clientele is Jermaine's strength. With a strong passion and desire to learn and grow with The Water Closet team, he is very resourceful and proud of his problem solving skills when it comes to bathroom and kitchen design challenges. Over the many years in customer service, Jermaine has perfected his people skills. He describes himself as "a tranquil fountain."

  • Jasinta Dhaliwal
    Showroom Representative

    416-213-1585 x1180
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    With a passion for interior design and decorating, I received my diploma at Seneca College and have my 2020 software certificate, making it easy to work with clients on the technical and finishing fronts. I believe that our homes are our hearts that need love and care, just like we do! Thats why, by taking the extra step when caring for my clients, not only do I ensure the best service I can offer, but that I leave a smile on their faces. When it comes to water, I'd say I'm much like a ripple that goes on and on that occurs from the action of a single pebble hitting the water- the simple action of truly caring for my clients has the same on-going effect.

  • Joe Palermo

    416-213-1580 x1192
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    A veteran of the industry, Joe boasts extensive plumbing knowledge based on his experience working on the manufacturing side of the business before joining The Water Closet. He enjoys working with his clients designing kitchens and bathrooms and especially enjoys seeing the final results. He has been a long-time fan of several HGTV designer shows and looks forward to the annual Interior Design Show. When it comes to water Joe describes himself "more like a tranquil fountain."

  • Jory Yeh
    Showroom Representative

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    Jory has been in the interior design industry for several years and has worked for a successful Kitchen and Bathroom showroom before joining The Water Closet. She is enthusiastic and enjoys helping home owners choose unique fixtures and elements that are a perfect fit both functionally and aesthetically, keeping in mind that it is their home's most special and visited spaces. Every project is special to her so she pays extra attention to customers' needs. When relating to water and "the flow of life" she describes herself as a steady stream where the flow is calmly active and refreshing with a momentum of strength.


  • Rick Cooke

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    Rick has been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years! There is no challenge too great for Rick as he's seen and heard it all. Rick is committed to customer service and is why he feels he has many repeat customers. Rick thinks of himself as a combination of a quiet stream and a babbling brook. At first, Rick observes people and the surroundings. Like a quiet stream he has a purpose, then becomes a babbling brook, once everyone is comfortable - the conversation just flows!

  • Mariah Kondrotas

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    Mariah comes from an Interior Design background and has been around the Industry since a very young age. She followed her passion by completing four years of Design School where she graduated with an Advanced Diploma from the Interior Design Program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. After that she immediately started working within the Residential Industry before joining The Water Closet. If Mariah could define herself as a type of water she would be water in the form of snowflakes melting on a crisp morning. Snowflakes melting relates to her calm and cool personality with a fresh outlook. As the snowflakes melt, they transition to water just like the transition Mariah is willing to make for her clients. With an extremely creative eye, Mariah will listen to what you need and make sure she meets and exceeds your highest expectations.